About Us

Samin Ebtekar Danesh was established in 2011; its main activity is mining, processing, and trading of minerals. The company activities are focused on the calcium carbonate.

The calcium carbonate rocks are extracted by the explosive method from the company mines and transport to the factory. At first, the rocks enter an initial crusher and subsequently after a crushing stage, they enter to impact crushers and are divided into smaller sizes. Thereafter, the rocks are screened and graded in the ordered grain size and then are powdered in the mill. After this stage, the produced powder is graded in the micronized sizes using separator and classifier machines. In case of customer’s order, they would be wrapped and finally packed in25 kg bags and will be ready to be released.

On the basis of international standards, the quality control team of the company controls the manufactured products, since the company should be able to export and compete with the international markets.

Company certificates